Contrary to my planning to buy a full-size roof box, I have now decided for the Thule SnowPack in size M for this year’s skiing season. In this short review I would like to show this in combination with the Thule Wingbar roof racks. Since we regularly go skiing with multiple people, I decided to get a carrier that can carry up to four pairs of skis.


  • Aerodynamic
  • Fits a range of skis and snowboards
  • Sleek
  • Should carry up to four pairs of skis

Technical Details

Load capacity skis (pairs)Up to 4 pair
Load capacity snowboardsUp to 2 boards
Dimensions24.4 x 2.8 x 3.9 in
Loading width19.6 in
Extra large push-button
Room for high bindings
Locks skis to carrier
Fits Thule TracRac – Truck
Fits Thule TracRac – Van
Model number7324B

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The package does not contain any big surprises. There are the two ski mounts included, adapter plates to increase the distance to the roof, appropriately sized retaining screws and a Thule typical manual. As usual the keys could be replaced by the Thule One-Key system.

Thule Snowpack


Attaching the Thule SnowPack

Attaching the ski holders is very simple. You basically just slide the retaining screws onto the roof racks, place the ski holder on top and tighten them with a kind of quick-release fastener… similar to the buckles of a ski boot. To bring enough space between the binding and the car roof, there are also spacers. In my case, I had to use these as well.

Mount the skis

Similar to other ski racks I’ve owned, the reality here lags behind the manufacturer’s promises. Since the skis such as all-mountain skis are getting wider nowadays, it is already very tight to get four pairs of them next to each other. Otherwise, no surprises here either. The quality is good and accordingly the sports equipment can be put on without any problems. The closure feels high-quality and secures the load.


Unlike the carriers I used on my old Mercedes A-Class, I find the Thule SnowPack carriers to be very high quality. Both the attachment and the mounting of skis work flawlessly. Of course, however, the driving noise is much more noticeable than, for example, with an aerodynamic roof box. All in all, though, I’ll be replacing the ski racks with a full-size roof box later this year.

Good build qualityNot the cheapest
Fits modern skis easilyNoisy at higher speeds
Easy mounting system