This is a small review of my recently acquired ski, the Rossignol React R8 HP Basalt. When we were in Fiberbrunn for a week in early January, I was annoyed after a few days that I only had my relatively wide, not very maneuverable and heavy all-mountain skis with me. And of course, as always, there was no fresh snow in sight for the Atomic Vantage 90 to play to its strengths.

And let’s face it. Isn’t it like this in 90% of cases? You have no fresh snow all the week, but torture yourself with your “all-round” skis. So I relatively quickly got the urge to rent an explicit piste ski again. And after a little study of the last World Ski Test, me and the boys got stuck with the Rossignol React R8, the winning ski of 21/22. No sooner said than done, the next day I and some of my buddies rented it from the nearest sports store. Right the first turns have put a smile on my face. The ski leads wonderfully easy into the curves and is fantastically energy-saving. No comparison to the rumble on the wide all-mountain ski. It’s a blast both riding short brisk turns or long and wide curves and has enough stability for faster carving adventures.


  • Reviewed Length: 177 cm
  • Radius: 14 m
  • Sidecut: 127-74-110
  • Available Length: 156, 163, 170, 177
  • Rocker: On Trail Rocker
  • Recommended Retail Price: € 550,- with Binding


  • Core: Poplar Wood
  • Reinforcement: Carbon Alloy Matrix

The ski


  • Agile ski
  • Nice grip
  • Accessible, little physical or technical effort required
  • Easy turn entry
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Reasonable priced


  • A little less stability in big turns at high speed carving
  • Heavier riders may want to look for a stiffer model

Verdict – The Rossignol REACT R8

For every ambitious skier I can highly recommend this combination. Get a decent piste ski with which you will have fun most of the time and thus also save a lot of energy! And for those handful of days when it really powders, keep your all-mountain in the back of your hand.

For me, the Rossignol REACT R8 is currently the perfect ski. It is certainly not a high-end device and the market definitively holds some other weapons ready. But it drives fantastically easy and clean, is very energy-saving and also quite reasonable priced! I have purchased it at the right moment for under € 400.

My verdict: Buy it!