Wouldn’t it be cool to see your Apple Watch heartrate on your Garmin device? To facilitate navigation and finding new routes for our e-bike tours, I bought a Garmin Edge 830 in the middle of last year. The main reason was the coupling of the device with the well-known app Komoot. This app gives us the opportunity to search and find user-created tours and then drive them off using the Edge 830. You can get to know the greatest corners even without any local knowledge or preparation. But the more I have dealt with the navigation device and its possibilities, the more it annoyed me that I cannot pair my Apple Watch and its heart rate monitor with it. Wouldn’t it be a cool thing if we could merge the data from the two devices.

After a little research, I came across the Heartbeatz chip from the company North Pole Engineering. This promises to convert the Apple Watch heartrate into ANT+ (and thus Garmin) understandable data.

So, without further ado, I bought it and ordered the device in the States for about sixty-five Euros including shipping costs. Anyone who now calculates a little will of course note that I could easily buy a chest strap for this money… but that is not my goal. Since I wear the Apple Watch anyway, I do not want to wear an additional strap. And finally, it’s a nice technical gimmick 😀

This is a review in progress. As soon as i could test the device extensively, i will update and finish it!

Package Contents

The shipping was amazingly fast. After only 5 days the package from the USA was on my doorstep. Concerning the content there’s, what a surprise, not that much to say. A simple plastic package with instructions and the actual chip.

HeartBeatz The manual contains a step-by-step tutorial to connect the pod.

Did I receive a used one?

However, what I did not like at all is that I must have been sent a used or returned one. There were adhesive residues on the casing. It was disgusting and i contacted NPE for this.


After putting my disgust about it into words and disinfecting the device, it was now time for the actual testing of the device. If the hassle and stress of returning the device to the U.S. wasn’t too great, I would have sent it back immediately.

UPDATE: After my mail about the issue, however, the manufacturer immediately sent me a brand-new, free chip and apologized. I find that very exemplary.

Device Pairing

Now that the first shock has passed, we could start setting the device up and use it. 😀

The Webpage says:

Mount heart beatz on your bike computer/console Add heartbeatz to your bike computer/console Start the Apple Watch® heartbeatz connect app and link to heartbeatz Select to start your workout! Let’s see…

Apple Watch & Heatbeatz

After unpacking the chip, we could install the Heatbeatz Connect app on your iPhone and Watch. After starting the app, your Heartbeatz will automatically connect to your watch and start broadcasting your heartrate using ANT+. It uses Bluetooth low energy broadcast (BLE) to submit the data, so it doesn’t need explicit pairing. Don’t forget that you need at least WatchOS 6.

Garmin & Heartbeatz In the next step we pair the Heartbeatz chip with our Garmin device. Pairing the devices is quite easy. Navigate to “Sensors/Add Sensor/Heartrate“


To finish this, we simply hold the Heartbeatz near the Garmin. It will connect immediately.

Results & Data, receiving the Apple Watch heartrate

So far, the device does what it is supposed to, transmit the heart rate 😉 We will see how long the battery lasts, how the transmission quality is, etc.

I will update this review after some time and use of the Heartbeatz pod.