Unifi settings to connect Home Assistant Bridge to Homekit

That’s a short one for Unifi (I’m on Network version 8.1.113) users struggling with the connection between the Home Assistant Bridge and Apple Homekit. In my installation, the connection attempt constantly ran into a timeout. First of all make sure the port of the HASS Bridge is enabled in your firewall rules. In my case it’s port 21064, which should be the default one. In your Network settings, enable Multicast DNS and IGMP Snooping for the involved VLANs:...

May 23, 2024

Review: Scott Strike Eride 930 E-Mountainbike

The Bike At the beginning of 2023, I decided to buy a new e-bike. My old Canyon Neuron:ON was to remain at my parents home as a second bike. My requirements for the bike were relatively simple. A trail bike with an upright, relaxed riding position, modern geometry and enough potential to be able to take on the occasional rough trail. In terms of equipment, it should therefore have decent components, without claiming to be a performance bike or for posing at the ice cream parlor 😄...

May 8, 2024

Paperless NGX: Conversion between UTF8 and SQL_ASCII is not supported

Maybe it will help some of you, but I just had an error updating 2.8.0 on my bare metal Paperless NGX instance. When trying to migrate the changes, the following error occured: Conversion between UTF8 and SQL_ASCII is not supported In fact, my Postgres database was set to SQL_ASCII instead of UTF-8, so it helped to rebuild the database. Make sure to backup/snapshot everything in case something goes wrong, I managed to kill my instance while fiddling around with this 😄...

May 8, 2024

Automating Photoprism Indexing

If you’re an avid user of the open-source image library Photoprism, you know how convenient and powerful it can be for managing and organizing your photo collection. However, keeping your library indexed and up to date manually can be a tedious task. Thankfully, with a simple cronjob in Linux, you can automate the indexing process and ensure your Photoprism library stays current without any manual intervention. Indexing with Cron Create the shell-script auto_index....

April 8, 2024

SSH into your Unifi CloudKey Gen2

For anyone who struggles to get into their Ubiquity CloudKey Gen2 via SSH… There are a bunch of forum posts swarming around offering a wide variety of options. ubnt/ubnt, root/ubnt… For me, using version “UniFi OS UCK G2 Plus 3.1.9” the following combination worked: Setup the SSH password in the CloudKey: Now you could use the username root and the password you just setup to SSH into your CloudKey:

June 19, 2023

Review: Rossignol React R8

This is a small review of my recently acquired ski, the Rossignol React R8 HP Basalt. When we were in Fiberbrunn for a week in early January, I was annoyed after a few days that I only had my relatively wide, not very maneuverable and heavy all-mountain skis with me. And of course, as always, there was no fresh snow in sight for the Atomic Vantage 90 to play to its strengths....

February 9, 2022

Thule SnowPack (M) – ski rack review

Contrary to my planning to buy a full-size roof box, I have now decided for the Thule SnowPack in size M for this year’s skiing season. In this short review I would like to show this in combination with the Thule Wingbar roof racks. Since we regularly go skiing with multiple people, I decided to get a carrier that can carry up to four pairs of skis. Features Aerodynamic Fits a range of skis and snowboards Sleek Should carry up to four pairs of skis Technical Details Load capacity skis (pairs) Up to 4 pair Load capacity snowboards Up to 2 boards Dimensions 24....

January 2, 2022

Hands-On the Thule Wingbar Edge 9582 Roof Rack

Just as I have written a review on the Thule EasyFold XT2 this spring, I would like to write a compact check-up, suitable for the start of the winter season, about the Thule Wingbar Edge 9582 (B) black edition that I purchased for little below three hundred Euros. Even though the aesthetics of such setups are usually not the focus, i still usually make sure it fits the car. Therefore, the Wingbar was the only suitable roof rack for me because it almost looks like a series design part....

December 17, 2021

Heartbeatz: Apple Watch heartrate on Garmin Edge 830

Wouldn’t it be cool to see your Apple Watch heartrate on your Garmin device? To facilitate navigation and finding new routes for our e-bike tours, I bought a Garmin Edge 830 in the middle of last year. The main reason was the coupling of the device with the well-known app Komoot. This app gives us the opportunity to search and find user-created tours and then drive them off using the Edge 830....

August 24, 2021

A simple Python REST API-Template on Azure App Services

In the last few days, I finally found the time to get in touch with Python a bit. The programming language is known to be very widespread and offers almost infinite possibilities besides PowerShell-style automation, data science and web development…. In the area of Business Central, some people might know it in the context of Docker. But I always find it difficult to learn things according to instructions or literature. The best way for me is to take a concrete problem and try to solve it....

May 30, 2021